Past Works

The Paiseh Pieces (2023)

A brand new pop rock musical about navigating the pains of growing up in Singapore.

The Essential Playlist (2022)

Commissioned for the M1 Singapore Fringe Festival, The Essential Playlist follows a group of millennial comedy content creators that set out to create content about Essential Workers.

Geylang Serai Trails (2021)

Through the eyes of five exciting playwrights, tour the district to a curated playlist of original radio plays inspired by the lives and rich mercantile histories of its residents.

The Singapore Trilogy (2021)

Integrating story and text from Are You There, Singapore? (1974), One Year Back Home (1980) and Changi (1997), the three plays of Yeo’s Trilogy provoked much reflection about the staging of politics in a new nation forging its own identity and development.

The Breakfast Station: Hook and Eye (2020)

A radio play adaptation of four selected texts from Hook and Eye: Stories from the Margins (Ethos, 2018) presented as part of Singapore Writers Festival 2020.

The Hawker (2019)

Stories of 9 different people from Singapore society converge in a hawker centre on its last day before closing down after 43 years to make way for redevelopment. With the nation fast progressing, what will it leave behind?

Performing Malay Sketches (2019)

Through stage enactments of sketches from the book, Performing Malay Sketches peels back the layers of this text exploring the question of how to construct and portray the Malay identity in Singapore – and how it is represented, perceived and celebrated.

The Old Woman and the Ox (2018)

Aileen has grown disenchanted and apathetic after the traumatic events of her past. But what happens when her past returns to haunt her and she is forced to face her biggest fear of all – the truth?

Love Bites (2018)

A dramatised reading of local plays, old and new. Presented at Late Night Texting 2018.

The Moon is Less Bright (2018)

The Tay’s household, rural Singapore. A welcoming offer of shelter from certain danger in the city turns into an uneasy living arrangement between two families worlds apart in class. Will their convictions and world-views hurt or help each other? Will they bother seeing past their trappings?
Or rather, can they?

Lemmings & The Wedding Pig (2017)

A double bill of new works by young, emerging playwrights.

The Wedding Pig (2017)

Two sisters, one pig, zero chill. Old familial tensions flare as two sisters become possessive over a wedding necklace significant to both.

Family (2016)

Ferocious and unyielding, Mrs Yang is the unwilling matriarch of her family. She gives the final word, and everyone complies. Only time will tell if the decisions she made, laying the foundations of her empire will stand the test of progress and development. Can Mrs Yang pull it together before growth makes way for decay?

Interchange (2015)

A co-creation initiative in conjunction with Geylang East Public Library including a workshop phase and culminating in a presentation of a new, devised play.

Everything but the Brain (2015)

A dramatised play-reading of the local tragicomedy by Jean Tay.

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