The Breakfast Station: Hook and Eye

The Breakfast Station: Hook and Eye

Live Airplay: 30 October – 8 November 2020

On Demand: 9 – 18 November 2020

This series is a part of Night Spin 182.7FM, the festival radio station for Singapore Writers Festival 2020.

From uncertain tensions of a migrant family in Ang Mo Kio, school projects on Syrian refugees, a National Day Parade watch party, and the journey of a wounded migrant worker, these four narratives reflect the self’s desire for connection and belonging within a nexus of tenuous relations.

The Breakfast Station: Hook and Eye presents a radio play adaptation of four selected texts from Hook and Eye: Stories from the Margins (Ethos, 2018).

Supported by: The Arts House at The Old Parliament

Director: Adeeb Fazah

Adaptation by: Adeeb Fazah, Dominic Nah

Sound Design and Mix: Artwave Studio

Featured Artist: A Yagnya, Alyssa Lie, Jaisilan Sathiasilan, Krish Natarajan, Lynn Chia, Rino Junior John, Tysha Khan and Xie Shangbin

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