The Paiseh Pieces

The Paiseh Pieces is a thoroughly millennial musical, a songbook for the woes of adulting and the comforts of friendship.

It is a laudable debut outing and a jovial reminder to always – as the adulting trio say – “grab one’s life by the chicken nuggets”.
– The Straits Times

Along with solid performances and endearing chemistry from the cast, the work is crisp, full-hearted and satisfying to my senses— most definitely not a soggy fry.
– harmonicstagebeams

“Endearing in its almost makeshift quality, The Paiseh Pieces is a show that doesn’t need to try too hard to win you over, and succeeds as a reflection of this generation’s daily problems.

– Bakchormeeboy

Just another day of pretending to be an adult.

Three besties on the precipice of adulthood find themselves in difficult situations. Tobias, a struggling theatre actor, can’t seem to catch a break. Rina dreams of a future bigger than her modest background. Meanwhile, Sara seems to have everything going for her, but is it all too good to be true? The trio navigate the pains of growing up in Singapore and along the way, find out what it takes to get their life together… or at least try to.

The Second Breakfast Company, in collaboration with Wisma Geylang Serai, presents a brand new pop rock musical about friendship, family and well, a little bit of french fries.

Book by: Adeeb Fazah
Music by: Bennett Bay
Lyrics by: Stephanie Phang

Gail Belmonte
Kevin Brendan
Nadya Zaheer
Fiona Chua
Misha Paule Tan
Rino Junior John
Sharon Mah
Tan Rui Shan

Produced by: Denise Dolendo
Directed by: Adeeb Fazah
Music Director: Joanne Ho
Choreographer: Pat Jon Gregory
Dramaturg: Nabilah Said
Set Design: Petrina Dawn Tan (Doodle Productions)
Multimedia Design: M.Nurfadhli Jasni (Doodle Productions)
Lighting Design: Ian Pereira
Costume Design: Denise Dolendo
Trailer and Creative Assets by: Jon Tan (
Photography by: Poh Yu Khing (

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