The Essential Playlist

“With The Essential Playlist, 2BCo feels like they’ve found their voice at last, using their platform to represent the millennial perspective, their generation’s struggles and issues, and doing it so well.”

– Bakchormeeboy

It is heartening to see a headlining spot at the M1 Singapore Fringe Festival, at a prime venue like the Esplanade Theatre Studio, given to a young theatre company.”
– The Straits Times

In post-COVID-19 times, a group of millennial comedy content creators hopes to seriously review and revamp their brand image to take on more social issues. Staggering teams in their rented office space, they pitch content ideas for a new series called The Essential Playlist, combining human feature vignettes, thought experiments and fictionalisations of real-world encounters of and with essential workers in Singapore.

In unravelling these (un)filtered stories, creative conflicts surface within the group: pandering to political correctness; recycling their established comic, satirical approach with insensitive portrayals; criticising intentions and blind spots of privilege. What edits and revisions will be accepted or rejected? Why does this advocacy matter to the team? How does any essential worker even stand to benefit from this entire exercise?

Playwrights: Zulfiqar Izzudin, Adeeb Fazah
Director: Adeeb Fazah
Lighting Designer: Ian Pereira
Sound Designer: Mark Benedict Cheong
Producers: Denise Dolendo, Kristine Ng
Production Stage Manager: Abel Chong

Zulfiqar Izzudin
Kimberley Ng
Misha Paule Tan
Rino Junior John
Angeal Chong
Siti Zara Sophia

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