Geylang Serai Trails


Home to famous kueh stalls and the much-loved Ramadhan bazaar, Geylang Serai precinct has many hidden gems that are just waiting to be (re)discovered. Through the eyes of five exciting playwrights, tour the district to a curated playlist of original radio plays inspired by the lives and rich mercantile histories of its residents.

Highlights include visiting the oldest bookstore in Singapore and learning the history behind a popiah recipe passed down through three generations, amongst other familiar – if often overlooked – stores.

Take on the journey at your own time and pace. Whether you’re spending time enjoying chee kong or browsing the variety of offerings available while enjoying the plays, Geylang Serai Trails promises an exciting afternoon in one of Singapore’s most iconic neighbourhoods. The map will be available for download from 12 December onwards.

Guided tours are available for one day only on 12 December. Register now at (Limited Capacity)


Organiser: Wisma Geylang Serai

Director: Adeeb Fazah

Producers: Denise Dolendo, Kristine Ng

Audio Producer: Artwave Studio

Playwrights: Azura Farid, Danial Matin, Dia Hakim K., Othman M. Yusof, Tysha Khan

Dramaturg: Farhanah Diyanah

Voice Actors: Hu Yuheng, Lim Shien Hian, Sharon Mah, Sofie Buligis, Sofihah Sha’har, Wan Ahmad

Illustrator and Graphic Designer: Sziyi Tuan

Company Dramaturg: Dominic Nah

With special thanks to Riznadya Lee, Sharlene Lim and all our tour guides and volunteers.