The Hawker

The Hawker

13 – 17 November 2019

Aliwal Arts Centre Multipurpose Hall

Stories of 9 different people from Singapore society converge in a hawker centre on its last day before closing down after 43 years to make way for redevelopment. With the nation fast progressing, what will it leave behind?

After a sold out first staging at the Asian Youth Theatre Festival 2018, The Second Breakfast Company’s first ever immersive work, The Hawker, is back again – bigger and better! Indulge your inner kaypohness and eavesdrop into the different conversations of this not-so-typical theatrical experience.

Featuring Lighting Design and Sound Design by ST Life! Theatre Awards nominees Woo E-hui and Vick Low, The Hawker is definitely not to be missed!

Get your tickets now for The Hawker and grab a snack too (if you’re hungry).

Directed by: Tan Hui Er

Assistant Director: Lynn Chia

Playwright: Aslam Shah

Lighting Design by: Woo E-hui

Sound Design by: Vick Low

Set Design by: Shawne Yzelman, Eve Irdina, Irfan Hadi and Samuel Chia

Performed and Devised by:

Dennis Sofian
Fadhil Daud
Hu Yuheng
Ivan Tan
Jaisilan Sathiasilan
Lynnie Cheong
Ong Yi Xuan
Rachel Yen
Val Teh


Time Out says 4 out of 5 Stars

For those unfamiliar with immersive theatre, it basically involves a production removing the stage and “immerse” audiences within the performance itself – offering a whole new perspective of the show. You’ve probably heard of NYC’s Sleep No More or Drunk Shakespeare. But it’s refreshing to see the concept tailored for the local audience – and judging by the turn out of the opening night, a clever move, too.  
– Time Out Singapore

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