Love Bites

A dramatised reading of local plays, old and new. Presented at Late Night Texting 2018.

25 August 2018

Centre 42 Black Box

Playwrights: Lim Chor Pee, Haresh Sharma, Ovidia Yu, Chelsea Cheo, Joel Tan, Faith Ng

Director: Adeeb Fazah, Mark Benedict Cheong


Jaisilan Sathiasilan

Kenneth Chia

Mark Benedict Cheong

Nur Hasyimah bte Hassan

Shannen Tan


“This was a rare chance to see older plays such as Lim Chor Pee’s Mimi Fan (performed to agonisingly camp soap opera levels by Kenneth Chia and and Nur Hasyimah bte Hassan) Haresh Sharma’s This Chord (And Others) brought to life, the latter of which was an unexpectedly brilliant appearance from 2BCo co-artistic director Mark Benedict Cheong who should absolutely appear onstage more often… Contemporary plays covered included Faith Ng’s Normal and Joel Tan’s Mosaic, both of which featured actress Shannen Tan whose surprisingly layered performances captured the rough-hewn exterior of her ‘ah lian’ characters, but also possessed a hint of vulnerability and softness lying underneath.” – Bakchormeeboy

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