To Say or Not THOSAI

To Say or Not THOSAI: The Card Game by 2BCo


A category game with a tasty twist!

How many items can you name in any category? Challenge your friends and collect thosai in this fun new card game for the hungry Singaporean!

Illustration Credit: Aurial Lee

HOW TO PLAY ( Min. 3 players, up to 5 players)

  1. Deal 8 Thosai cards per player.
  2. Lay all category cards facedown in one pile.
  3. At each round, a Challenger draws a card from the category pile and reads out the category. (Each player will take turns being the Challenger)
  4. The other players must then bid up at least 1 Thosai card (depending on their knowledge of that category). The Challenger can choose the Bidder they think they can beat or the Bidder that has bet the most Thosais.

Category Pile

  1. Some category cards may contain a surprise Thosai (Paper/Masala/Plain) and conditions will apply to the Challenger and the Bidder that they have chosen to challenge for that round.
  2. If a Burnt Thosai card is drawn from the category pile, the player who drew the card has to discard all but 1 Thosai card. He/she misses a turn.

Category game

  1. The category game is played by taking turns to list one item from that category. Eg. If the category is Colours then the two challenging players will take turns naming a colour.
  2. Each player is given up to 10 secs to say an item. The round ends when one player is unable to come up with a category item within the time limit. In which case, the other player will be the winner for the round.
  3. If the Challenger wins, he/she will receive the Thosai that the Bidder has bid. If the Challenger loses, the Bidder takes the number of Thosai that they bid from the Thosai pile.

Players that run out of thosai cards are immediately out of the game.

The game ends when all category cards have been used up or if there are only 2 players left. All players count the number of thosais they have and the one with the most thosais is the winner!

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