Lemmings & The Wedding Pig


A double bill of new works

2 – 5 November 2017

Centre 42 Blackbox

Playwright (Lemmings): Myle Yan Tay

Playwright (The Wedding Pig): Chelsea Cheo

Director: Adeeb Fazah

Assistant Director: Mark Benedict Cheong

Producer: Denise Dolendo, Kristine Ng

Lighting Designer: Jim Chan

Sound Designer: Mark Benedict Cheong

Production Manager: Vivi Augustina

Stage Manager: Marilyn Chew


Jelaine Ng

Jeramy Lim

Rachel Chin

Terrance Tan

Tia Guttensohn

Ultimately, The Wedding Pig does make a valiant attempt to showcase a believable dysfunctional family falling apart in the face of tragedy, remaining staunchly grounded and occasionally fun despite its dark undertones. Chelsea Cheo knows how to write the unique, private language between close knit family members that seems completely alien to outsiders but perfectly familiar between blood relations, and one hopes to see this further developed in future works. For now, The Wedding Pig is enjoyable enough for a glimpse of what Cheo is capable of, and certainly, is a good start to a future in theatre.” – Bakchormeeboy

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