First off, forgive the unimaginative title. I thought it fitting, given how this is the first blog post of Second Breakfast and how this is the first time I am doing something like this.

Hello, my name is Ivan, much like Gollum who shadowed Frodo and Sam on their journey to Mt Doom, I shadow Adeeb, Mark and Dominic on this journey of staging a production of Goh Poh Seng’s “The Moon is Less Bright”.

When I first joined the creative process, we had a lot of fun bouncing around ideas in coffee shops, eateries and just about anywhere with tables, chairs, and food. Our interpretation of Moon is based ground-up, from chats with Dr Robin Loon and research on the historical context of when the play was written, and why it was written in the way it was. Distilled from all this, were 2 things we decided on.

Firstly, the main theme of the play that we’d decided to focus on; The Social Divide amongst Singaporeans, an issue being discussed more and more now, especially in the media. The timing couldn’t be more apt.

The second (breakfast) thing we decided was that we would blur out some of the historical contexts of the play not relevant to our focus and pay more attention to the class division amongst the characters, as well as their attitudes towards each other. We felt that this would ground the discussion not as a problem of the bygone past but as an ongoing conversation that Singaporeans are still navigating today.

Aside from the deep social-political talks, we discussed how the Play would look and sound. From things like the set design to the costumes of the characters, we discussed shape, colour and material just to name a few. Ideas that were brought up included making the set feel like an abandoned 1942 just now being rediscovered or a big multi-layered circular stage. We even threw around ideas involving the layouts of HDB flats and moving platforms. Great Big exciting stuff.

Beyond shadowing of the creative discussions, I met our actors at our first script read, they sound and look great. Cool people.


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