Vomit – Mystical Tales In Tampines

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A boy’s wish to grow strong is betrayed by his unwillingness to do anything he doesn’t like, like eating his father’s porridge. With his father they meet and capture a monster who can fulfil his wish.

Based on: Badang and the Singapore Stone


Fahim Murshed as Father/Monster
Shaik Nazray as Bumi

Written By:

Danial Matin

About Badang and the Singapore Stone

This story explores and contextualises the story of how the slave Badang attained his mighty strength. Badang had, while fishing, captured a dangerous monster in his net. Just as Badang was about to kill him, the monster begs for his life by offering Badang anything he would ask for. Badang demands to be the strongest man on earth! The monster grants this wish, but Badang must first eat the monster’s vomit (which did not taste like porridge).

The tale of Badang would continue and he would perform many great deeds of strength. In a wager, he would throw a large stone a great distance to the mouth of the Singapore River, which remains Badang’s most famous tale.

Read more about the tale of Badang the Magnificent here, and more about the Badang and the Singapore Stone here.

About Mystical Tales In Tampines

A young boy is taught by his Father to overcome his fears like Badang once did in Vomit, two convenience store clerks have a spooky encounter with an Orang Minyak in Supervisor, and a writer resolves to retell the story of Mat Jenin in Mat Jenin is not Lazy. All these and other reimaginings of Malay folktales in Mystical Tales in Tampines!

Mystical Tales in Tampines reimagines and retells stories based on different folklore and mysteries from the Malay world.

From 28 April, keep an eye out and scan our QR codes on tables around Our Tampines Hub! This will lead you to one of five audio plays that reimagine and retell a story based on Malay folklore.

Join us for a special one-time live performance of Supervisor and The Tale of Tanggang at the Our Tampines Hub Festive Arts Theatre on 14 May 2023, 5pm. Get your tickets at the Customer Service Counter on L1!

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