Rolling With The Times



Notice the two 石獅 (shíshī), or guardian lions, holding up the signboard at the entrance of Kway Guan Huat. They’ve been around longer than anyone else. What have they seen and heard? Stay, if you want to uncover everything that’s passed through these shophouse walls.


Sharon Mah as Ling
Hu Yuheng as Lang
Sofie Buligis as Voice (Woman)
Lim Shien Hian as Voice (Man)

Photo Credit: Poh Yu Khing (

Kway Guan Huat Joo Chiat Popiah

This humble shop has been serving popiah made with traditional techniques since 1938. A third-generation family business, the recipe behind their delicious popiah skin is a closely guarded secret.

Did you know? The shop goes through roughly 50kg of dough a day – that’s more than 1500 popiah skins daily!

95 Joo Chiat Road Singapore 427389

Opening Hours: 9am – 2pm (Closed on Mondays)

For more information about the history of Kway Guan Huat Joo Chiat Popiah, click here.

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