Chee Kong



Do you ever look at a bowl of chee kong and wonder… what is going on inside their heads? ‘Chee Kong’ imagines exactly that. Enjoy!


Wan Ahmad as Bowl / Winter Melon
Sofihah Sha’har as Keledek / Pong Dai Hai
Sofie Buligis as Longan / Sago
Hu Yuheng as Green Bean / Gingko Biloba
Lim Shien Hian as Pandan / Barley
Sharon Mah as Bái Mù Êr

Photo Credit: Poh Yu Khing (

Geylang Serai Chee Kong

A family of hawkers, Geylang Serai Chee Kong is run by its second generation of Chinese dessert makers.

Did you know? Mdm Lee’s father used to operate the store off his tricycle in the 1950s. Perhaps your parents and grandparents might remember seeing him on Onan Road?

Geylang Serai Market, #02-149 Singapore 402001

Opening hours may differ.

For more information about the history of Geylang Serai Chee Kong, click here (6:28 onwards).

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